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    A unique collection of men's and women's sports apparel, set in the climate of aviation, acrobatics and military style. All the badges and emblems used in the collections are original and everyday worn by Air Force pilots and refer directly to the history or modernity of the Italian Air Force.


    Passion is a priority for AIRFIELD designers, The idea behind it is : Boundaries are to be blurred between classical and modern trends, between business and sporty outfits and harmoniously combines recognized canons of fashion with the latest in the season. Exclusive and almost provocative style is characteristic for the AIRFIELD collection, but every woman leaves a lot of room for individual interpretation of current fashion trends and presentation of their personality.


    Polo is considered to be the oldest team sport over the centuries. The Beverly Hills Polo Club was founded in 1982, inspired by the elegance and splendor of Beverly Hills and the polo sport itself. The collections of fashionable sportswear with the cult icon horse and rider are addressed to those who emanate confidence and appreciate comfort


    Blauer is the fashion brand that treasures and renews the tradition of American outerwear. Founded in Boston in 1936 to provide the police, the navy and other military forces with technical clothing, today it reinterprets the concept of uniform to suit men and women that are independent, cosmopolitan and sensitive to quality, authenticity and performing materials. The Blauer brand is owned by FGF Industry, the Italian fashion company founded by Enzo Fusco.


    Appreciated by women CAMBIO brand is offering excellent pants. Each of us knows perfectly well how important is this piece of clothing. Proffesional experience, great selection of materials, studied styles for different silhouettes, guarantee excellent product. Try and evaluate by yourself ...


    CASCO ranks among the market leaders in the design and production of high-end helmets and glasses. Company philosophy is to concentrate on innovation, and developing solutions that make helmets as safe, comfortable and flexible to wear as possible.


    Femininity, glamour and elegance come together with classic style in Cavalli Class collection. The designer Roberto Cavalli is world-known for his prints, which convey his love for nature and his unbridled creativity. But Roberto Cavalli is also unpredictable: his style changes constantly, in a never-ending quest for technical and artistic new solutions.


    Chervò is a prestigious brand of sportswear, designed for the golf-course and dedicated to leisure time. It is designed for customers who love to express their own individuality and lifestyle by wearing innovative and high-quality items of clothing and accessories. Chervò dedicates its collections to those who enjoy an active, chic life that aspires to excellence. Chervò accompanies its customers from moments of sheer relaxation to the commitment on the golf-course, always guaranteeing a most selected dress-code with high-performance technical garments for the sportsman or woman.


    Right from the early days, since 1923, Colmar established a bond with the world of sport, particular skiing. Sports do not build character but reveal it. Style is a strong, ineffaceable indication of personality, shaped by what we are and how we understand the world. Italian creativity, passion for research and vocation for technology shape the Colmar brand, evident in every item and in embodiment of a style honed by years of experience, innovation and success. Style is the mark of what Colmar is.

  • DEHA

    Top quality Italian apparel, manufactured with great care and passion, for women and men who appreciate an active lifestyle. DEHA products are addressed to sporty and casual people who like to dress according to a personal style rather than simply following fashion. DEHA offers innovative design and extreme care for every detail, creating each time, unique and distinctive collections.


    Japanese company with a long tradition, appreciated by skiers for a modern approach to the design and use of pioneering technology in the production of ski wear. The basis for the company's success is the philosophy to apply innovation and science progress in practice, to create modern and comfortable ski sportswear.


    EA7 Emporio Armani is a sportswear collection of well-known Italian designer, dedicated to those, who spend time in sporty and active way. Combination of the new functional fabrics and latest technologies with simple, elegant style in EA7 sportswear collection is on offer for people playing golf, going for sailing, tennis, skiing and fitness who desire perfect quality, comfort and style.


    The Granadilla spirit is elegant and refined, a sophisticated allure reinterpreted in a contemporary-casual key. On-going stylistic research materializes in Collections that roam freely through classical contents, transforming their nature and embellishing their simplicity with timeless stylistic details. Quality fibres, attention to detail and design excellence interpret tradition and creativity to perfection, making Granadilla accessories an ideal synthesis of the casual and chic styles. The voluptuous softness of mohair and angora, the elegance of fur and the use of strass and metallic fibres regale a contemporary and high-class attitude to Granadilla earmuffs, hats, scarfs and gloves, which makes them the ideal accessories for urban contexts or exclusive après-ski wear in the snow.


    Exclusive sportswear featuring top quality materials, high functionality, comfort of use and unique design.The inspiration comes from the cultures of the whole world - now Native Americans. This unique blend gives a unique style, attractive look and feeling the present. Riccardo Fiume design studio is so colorful that it can easily be mistaken with an art gallery. Each jacket is refined in the smallest detail, embroideries, ethnic patterns and colors, create works of art in ski fashion.

  • HIGH

    HIGH as a brand with a strong identity, with its lightness of touch, gives a new and original expression of contemporary casual chic. Designer Claire Campbell has aimed to create functional yet sophisticated everyday couture garments with a human touch, clothing modelled by hand, with attention to detail. “Today, the edges are blurred between casual clothing and formal dressing. 


    Very popular in the 80's and 90's premium ski and fashion brand, currently experiencing its renaissance thanks to the vision and determination of designers Sissy Engel and Stefanie Kozłowski. The collections fulfill the high requirements of the audience, are not only functional and made of high quality technical materials, but above all luxurious, extravagant, fresh and glamorous. The HIGH SOCIETY brand is aimed at active, spontaneous people who like sophisticated style that expressing their personality, or even fashion victims, who highlight their enthuses for winter sports with original, unique outfit.


    Sophisticated, sexy and luxurious - so are the collections of Jet Set, company founded in 1969 in St.Moritz, in the heart of the Swiss Alps. This brand appeal to people who like personalized fashion and who like to show it. With Jet Set collections you get a great look quarantee. The brand identity is a star, which stands for elegance, class and style.


    Perfect offer for women, who want to combine leisure activity or weekend laziness with stylish look. Sporty sweatshirts and trousers made of mix of cotton and cashmere are cozy and comfortable.

  • KJUS

    Who can better understand the needs of a skier than a competitor who spent years on the ski slopes and trained in the mountains in all weather conditions ... Norwegian skier Lasse Kjus - World Champion, signs his name unique collection created for those who appreciate perfection and want to enjoy the skiing with true satisfaction. Collection of unique colors, great lines and simplicity with modern cut to match the silhouette. Materials with very high performance, latest technology, to protect skiers both against cold and overheating. It is offer for the most demanding skiers.


    . Luisa Cerano collections are combination of luxury, sporty elegance and precious fabrics of the highest quality. The client is a woman who values Luisa Cerano unique style, comfort and individuality, who has great sense of color and knows the importance of details.


    Maison MONTVAL is a French luxury fashion brand created in 2014. Maison MONTVAL’s genesis was born out of an expertise and passion for fashion from a team that has specialised in snow and luxury clothing for two generations. The heartbeat of the Maison MONTVAL image embraces exceptional creativity and sensibility allied to fine craftsmanship and to the exquisite quality of their fabrics.


    ALL SEASONS  is the motto of modern Margitte Schweden, who is the creative mind behind the collection. Refined cutting details, casual oversized cut or passepartout-suppleness - the collection offers the freedom of combination of different styles. A certain affinity of luxury pervades the collection. Core competencies are shirts complemented by a varied range of leggings, short skirts, dresses, tunics, longshirts, jackets - all easy an most importantly - made with love by MARGITTES.

  • MDC

    MDC stands for an exclusive premium sportswear. Excellent technical materials that regulate moisture, maintain body temperaturę and provide high UV protection. With a very soft, light and flexible fibers ensure incomparable comfort for sports and great durability.


    Newland is a unique brand in technical sportswear and from its birth has been able to always renew the meaning of sportswear, reinterpreting it in a trendy, warm and emotional way. Thanks to a highly-focused innovation-oriented research and development lab, Newland has a whole line of unique, highly technological fabrics whose pride is made up of DHtech range that uses the best polypropylene microfiber, worked purely or combined with other yarns, to obtain high performance from the point of view of the technical characteristics and comfort, thus opening up new perspectives in the world of sportswear. Comfort and wellness are also key elements in the Newland philosophy.


    The North Sails motto is ‘Go Beyond’ - to go where others can't follow. Company was founded in 1957 by Lowell North, an American sailor and Olympic Gold Medalist, engineer as well, focused on building sails faster than any other competitor. His inspiration lives also on in North Sails sportswear, as it is designed and developed so that the customers can focus what’s important for them – taking on the sea or just navigating modern life.


    Multifunctional and versatile PEUTEREY women's and men's clothing, is the perfection of fabrics, simplicity of forms, functionality and details. Each product is made in accordance with demanding quality standards. PEUTEREY is a combination of practicality, comfort and modern design that can accompany you both on a daily basis in urban style and in free time.


    This brand sets continually surprising trends with every fashion collection. High quality cashmere and exceptional yarns are innovatively processed with a passion for detail. Fancy and inspiring designs carry conviction in both knitwear and shirts. The fine quality silk blouses combined with cashmere garments make casual companions for all seasons.


    An international premium fashion brand for men and women with an unmistakable signature: By treating the shape, color and materials creatively, RENÉ LEZARD transforms classic design into a self-confident, relaxed style. You can see, feel and experience the high quality.

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